Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Perception review

perception is the second book to clarity and although i really enjoyed the last one almost a year ago this one was quite disturbing. i enjoyed the book and its characters though i just didn't get a real feel for the story line and when i finally got it. it was messy and disastrous. i like Kim Harrington writing just this particular story didn't really taste my appeal. so perception is about clarity being just friends with two guys a girl dying just before school starts and clarity becoming friends with a mopey goth girl and her brother having traumatic experiences. so in the last book she pissed off a girl named Tiffany through proving her brother was innocent of a crime by proving she psychic and now the whole ton believes her shes got 2 wannabe friends and her ex boy friend and the new guy who helped her in the last book both chasing her to be her boy friend. so clarity and the rest of her school had just started school again and then this home-schooled new student goes ups and leaves and her body is later found in a dumpster and with a successful try at murdering. so this puts off clarity's must save the world trigger but what she doesn't relize is that she is the next victim. the killer starts to send her notes and flower and pictures of things he will do if she just becomes his girlfriend. but clarity wont take that. so he tries to get even and that's when it gets disturbing so i wont tell you. but i wouldn't really recommend this book to very many people.

Hugs and Wishes 

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