Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Scorpio Races

So this amazing author has just written yet another amazing book and their doesn't sound to be a sequel. May I JUST SAY TO MAGGIE STIEFVATER NONONONONONO! The Scorpio Races was a beautifully written story that I encourage everyone to read. This time Maggie has not written about wolves but about Capielle Uisce (underwater flesh eating horses). So on this island away from the mainland of America, they have these Capielle Uisce come to visit at the start of September each year. So the men of this island got a little bit big-headed and decided to race them against land owned horses. But this year Puck Connolly (aka Kate Connolly) is going to be the first girl to ride in the scorpio races; which the men of the town think is completely ridiculous. Pucks intentions for this race is to convince her older brother of not leaving for the mainland and leaving her and her little brother behind to fend for themselves with no money. However she ends up meeting Sean (four time Champion) almost half dead and ends up having him train her up until the deadline with him and his Capielle Uisce. One things turns to another and Sean and Puck develop secret feelings for each other then some drastic things start to happen just before the race and can I tell you I cried. It was heart breaking. It murdered me. Which kind of means its a good book. A really good book as I do not usually cry in books or movies. So well done Maggie Stiefvater.

OK number 1 thing you do after reading this: GET THE BOOK whether its from a library or the nearby bookstore GET IT!!!!!
No#2 thing to do: read and DO NOT stop reading
No#3 thing to do : show some emotion then come back and tell me i was right.(Joking!!)

Hugs and Wishes

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  1. I totally, totally agree with your review (I read it last month and reviewed it here: )

    I loved the book, and cried a little when it ended. Puck and Sean were amazingly drawn characters, and I loved getting to know them throughout the story.


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