Friday, 29 June 2012

Feature and Follow Friday

hi all its F&F again! YAY! this memo is hosted by Parajukee and Alison Can Read. this segment is to gain new followers have a bit of fun and get to know other bloggers better. so this weeks question is........
Q. its your birthday you blow out the candles and a book character pops out. who would it be and from what book?
okay well my answer would have to be Four and Tris from the Divergent series, I'm so obessed with that right now that i desperately want that to happen  especially  since its my birthday this week. so who would it be for you????
yeah its a quick post but i'm busy!

Hugs and Wishes 

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Selection

Okay so yes my blogger hasn't come through for the Fellow Bloggers at the moment, but......I have just read the most amazing and original debut book of 2012 (so far) its The Selection by Kiera Cass. OH MY GOD!!! It captivated me the whole entire time and I couldn't stop reading I finished in like 6 hours and now I kinda wish I hadn't read it so fast. :( Anyways it completely and utterly original in that sense of fashion like the hunger games it starts off as just a competition and then it falls into conflict and love. So..... The Selection is all about Prince Maxon needing a wife so in the future he will have a queen when he becomes king.But its all a competition millions of girls sign up wanting to be one of the 35 that get to stay at the palace until Maxon decides its time for them to leave until there is only one left. America (the main character) got forced into it not only by her mother but her secret boyfriend. But the day she signs up the boyfriend and her have a fight and it all turns to custard. So America is sick with a heartbreak, when the names finally come out and she is one of them. So now not only does she have to suffer a heart break she has to try and seduce the prince!  I cant tell you any more other wise I will spoil it but....... I can describe what the classes are for you. Okay so if you haven't read the book the characters are placed into different classes ranging from poorest to richest. The poorest are the 8's which are homeless, the richest are the 1's which are the royalty. And in between there are different jobs for different people and different ways for you to get your money and it is better for you to marry up then down, unless you are a two then you possibly only want to marry another two. I can also tell that the next book is called The Elite and it is coming out in spring 2013 (america time) so hopefully autumn/winter my time! YAY!!!!! please let it be as good!!!

Book: The Selection
Author: Kiera Cass
Rating: 5 GOLD STARS

Sunday, 24 June 2012

liebster blog award

okay so i have just been nominated for my second blog award by Alicia from Book A World, Katie from Curse of the Bibliophe (which i'm sorry but cant access) and Inky from Book Haven and Cierra from the book lovers report. and the blog award is...... Liebster Blog Award which is German for sweet, kind and all sorts of other stuff.
The Rules:
1. Each person must tell others 11 facts about themselves
2. Answer the 11 questions your tagger/s have posted then post 11 question for the people you tag.
3. Choose 11 people to tag and link them in you post
4. Notify the 11 people you tagged
5. NO TAG BACKS (damn i was hoping to at least get one of you back....)

so my eleven facts are:

1. i have 4 best friends that all enjoy reading the same way i do
2. i live in Australia
3. i really really hate my birthday ( which is in June)
4. ^because i don't like to draw attention at all
5. i am a goody two shoes just waiting to explode
6. i am a really good cook
7. i have read exactly 692 books in the last two years (to date)
8. i treasure everything that is given to me
9. i right now have just finished 6 SELP exams and have another 3 to go in the next coming term
10. this is my very first successful blog
11. this is really hard!!!!!!

the questions i have been given (which there are quite a few): blogging experience?
probably meeting all the cool bloggers out there and getting awards.
2. what inspired me to start a book  blog?
 i wouldn't say inspired but my friends and family got sick of listening to me.
3. how long have i been blogging?
since august last year but my computer crashed and lost the blog so this blog has been running since january or february
4. favourite book discovery?
She's so dead to us, divergent and born at midnight.
5. favourite dessert?
homemade ice cream
6. most anticipated read of 2012?
7. best book quote?
umm..... not sure. my favourite quote though is there is a triangle in everything.
8. do you have anything specific you blog about?
books. bloggers ( looking for some if interested). yeah thats about it at the moment
9. best fictional crush?
best?? umm there are too many just to be one the top ones would be patch (hush hush), four (divergent), adam (shatter me), aspen and prince maxim (the selection)
10.  what are you currently reading?
Fury by Elizabeth Miles
11. what are you planning to read next?
Truth by Julia Karr and Goddess Interrupted by Aimee Carter
12. what genre do i blog about?
13. where am i from?
14. do i have any ARCs at the moment? if so what?
no unfortunately not but i would really like some. all the people out there that get them are so lucky.
15. who is your favourite author of all time
i actually dont have one because i switch from time to time
16. do you read main stream or indie authors?
main stream normally would love to read indie authors but i also read things on figment a writing community made for authors
17. do you give your read books away, run contest with them or keep them?
most of them come from the library so i treasure the ones i buy
18. how many books are in your tbr pile?
umm.. there is exactly 33 at the moment ( in the house, there might be more around)
19. what is your favourite food?
look above to question 5
20. whats your favourite book?
THATS A HARD QUESTION! today its the selection by kiera cass
21. where would you go if you could go anywhere today?
hawaii, japan, new zealand, america, london, jamaica. just to name a few i have a whole lot more
22. favourite colour?
burnt orange and lime green
23. if i could talk to anyone who would it be?
umm... probably some inspiring author who could give me tips on writing. many books am i currently reading?
4. some of them will be reviewed
25. what made you want to blog about books?
i have a passion for reading and i stumbled across blogger just when my friend and family were getting fed up.

the 11 blogs i tag are:
the romance bookie
read watch listen
this kiwi girl reads
book geeks rule
the passionate bookworm
the fairytale nerd
this girl reads
head stuck in a book 
a match made in YA  fiction
books ahoy!

and my eleven questions are:

what is your favourite piece of clothing?
what do you utmost hate?
what can you not live without?
who would be your fantasy boyfriend if you could have one?
who are you most like from a book/ series?
what book/ stories do you think should have a different ending and Why?
name a song that would compliment the book you are reading right now?
what shouldn't have a series or second novel in your opinion?
what do you plan to do or have done with your life?
what book should never be or been turned into a movie?
what book have you read that you think has been made into a successful movie?

okay thats all for now. coming soon with Charmfall and The Selection reviews. oh and please dont give me another one of these liebster awards because they are super hard

Hugs and Wishes 

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sweet Evil

Okay so this week while I have been home sick I have read Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins and let me tell you is a heart breaking story sure to touch your hearts. Right so story goes over a period of months skipping bits in between. Sweet Evil is all about a girl called Anna who finds out she is half demon half angel on her 16th birthday after she has fallen in love with another demon spawn called Kaidan who is described like a god he sounds so hot that I really don't think there is a human being/demon that could match him. Anna can also feel feelings and emotions that other people but she can't see his which makes him the most intriguing. Anyways so the story goes on as Kaidan takes Anna on a road trip to find her demon father and Sister Ruth. After that it kinda all turns to hell with people warning her whose bad and whose good. telling her to stay away from Kaidan because he has one rather important dirty secret. So as Anna falls for who she thinks is the love of her life Kaidan tries to protect himself by breaking her heart over and over again until he finally expresses feelings for her all too late though. Now that is all I'm going to tell you about the story but the characters are truly original. So Kaidan's friends Blake, Marna, Ginger and Kopano, all have their own personalities for starters Ginger and Marna are twins. Marna's sweet friendly but that's how she gets her work done where is ginger is cold-hearted and devious and certainly not very nice. Kopano is the lucky one he knows is exactly hat its like to be in Anna's situation. Blake now he's the one that's probably the least explained and most mysterious i really want to hear more about him in the next book. So Anna's friends are Jay and Veronica. Jay has been the boy next door and best friend her whole life and kinda just wants a girl to like him. Veronica starts off as a bitch from hell but one night at a party changed that all and now she is a sweetheart. Anna and Kaidan both have very strong-willing, secluded and secretive personalities. they seem so similar yet they are so different.

BOOK: Sweet Evil
AUTHOR: Wendy Higgins

Hugs and Wishes 

Monday, 18 June 2012

Fellow Bloggers #3

okay so yes i haven't posted this week because i have had the flu but... i did manage to get someone for my segment fellow bloggers. oh and sweet evil review will be posted soon, just let me get better. so if you want to be part of this segment (which i really hope you do) all you need to do is leave a comment at the bottom of this page with your blog and email address and i will get back to you. this week the blogger is Mandy from the blog The Romance Bookie and Mandy comes from Southern California in the USA. so lets get on with the questions..

1. When did you start blogging? and Why?
Mandy:  I started blogging in December of 2010.  The idea of starting a blog actually came from a family member, because they always see me reading.  I don't go anywhere without a book (I can't even tell you how zippers on purses I have broken, because of me stuffing a book into my purse :)).  I have loved talking about the books I read since my freshmen year in high school, and since I soon realized my friends never listened to me, and family members got annoyed with me, that was pretty much when the concept of The Romance Bookie came to mind.  What I honestly never realized was just how big of a book blogging community is out there! I love it!
ME: wow i don't go anywhere without a book either actually just the other day i had SE exams and i took a book to that. my friends frowned at me. my blog started pretty much the same way yours did friends stopped listening and family got annoyed with me.
2. what is your favourite part of book blogging?
Mandy: My favorite part of blogging is probably, first being able to have a place where I can truly vent my thoughts on everything I read; and second all the amazing people I've talked to through all the fabulous book websites, such as other blogs, Goodreads, Random Buzzers, and such.  It's been truly an amazing experience so far!
ME: i agree with every statement there. if you are not a blogger you are truly missing out on an amazing experience. 
3. what is your Favourite book?
Mandy: Favorite book?? That is SOOOOOOOOO tough!! Well, if I ABSOLUTELY had to choose I would narrow it down by my favorite author (Meg Cabot) (even though there are SOOOOO many other fabulous authors that I love too!!), and then which of Meg's books I've read the most, and that would have to be the third Princess Diaries book "Princess in Love".  I've honestly gone through TWO copies of that book! A paperback, which is almost falling apart, and which I had replace with a hardcover, because it was getting really difficult to read lol.  I've read that book probably every year once since my freshmen year in high school, so 7 times, I believe. 
ME: wow thats a lot of times. and yes this question is always tough. dont be afraid!
4. what has been the best thing that has happened to you because of book blogging?
Mandy:The best things that's happened to me since starting my blog would have to be THREE things!  One: I started an event with another fellow blogger (Little Miss Drama Queen) called Meg-A Readers Blog Hop!, which is an event honoring the work of Meg Cabot.  Meg Cabot found out about the event, and actually sent me a BOX of SIGNED books (including an ARC of "Underworld"), which absolutely had me jumping up and down with joy!  Two: I don't if I would have ever thought of doing this, honestly, but before starting the blog I never thought about going to author signings.  I was always more interested in celebrities lol, but since starting my blog, I must say authors are the people I am truly interested in meeting now.  Anyway, this I've had the amazing opportunity to meet some AMAZING people: in February, I went to an event (a day long event!) where I got to sit a table over from Meg Cabot, eat lunch WITH Marissa Meyer (the author of Cinder sitting right next to me), have a long discussion with BOTH Meg and Marissa, where they answered all of my questions; PLUS got the opportunity to meet and talk to PLUS get a picture taken with all of the authors of the Breathless Panel! (Beth Revis (Across the Universe), Marie Lu (Legend), Andrea Cremer (Nightshade), Jessica Spotswood (Born Wicked), and Sara Etienne Wilson (Harbinger)), it was honestly one of the best days of my life, if NOT best!!).  And then I went to a signing in April, where I got to meet Gayle Forman (If I Stay/Where She Went), Stephanie Perkins (Anna and the French Kiss/Lola and the Boy Next Door), and Nina Lacour (Disenchantments).  Both events were such amazing opportunities, because at both I was lucky enough to actually be able to speak to all the authors! Both are truly experiences that I will never forget!
AND Three: Interviews!! Oh how amazing are they!! Because of starting The Romance Bookie, I have gotten the opportunity to interview some amazing authors! Two of my ABSOLUTE favorites in fact! This past Tuesday I got an interview with Kody Keplinger (The author of "The DUFF") and this coming July to end Meg-A Readers, I got an interview with MEG CABOT!!! Two amazing people!! :)
ME: okay thats a lot of people you lucky duck! and congratulations on the interviews i wish i was that lucky!
5. what makes your blog special?
Mandy:  Hmm...what makes my blog special...I have to be honest I really don't like this question.  I always find myself asking myself, "How do I answer this without sounding conceded??" lol.  But I guess what I love about The Romance Bookie is that I honestly put A LOT of heart into it!  I may not give a lot of details about my personal life, but a lot of me is in my site.  Other than my header, which another GREAT Blogger designed for me, and my button, I made up my entire sight all by myself.  Of course, I had some help from other fellow bloggers, who have mostly all been very kind in responding when I ask them randomly (me being a stranger!!) how they did such and such.  It's been great! :)
ME: well i certainly think you have a fantastic blog.
6. what is the main idea or concept of your blog?
Mandy:  For me The Romance Bookie is honestly just about having fun.  It's my hobby! I've seen quite some nasty people, even in the book world, and because my blog is my fun time, I definitely try to stay out of it.  I just honestly don't see the point.  I do what I feel is right on my site, and not because of something that someone else did.  
A few months ago I actually almost felt like I was losing the fun because I wasn't able to read the books I wanted to anymore!  Every book I read was scheduled in!  It was no longer fun!  It became a chore, a job I wasn't being paid for.  I took on so many books from independent self-published authors, which I do enjoy, don't get me wrong, but it turned out I wasn't able to read some of the books I paid money for, and ones I had been looking forward to for MONTHS!!
ME: yeah that's has happened to me and my blog has only been running a few months so yeah i actually returned all the books i had and started fresh it was actually quite good for me and the blog.

well that's all from me today thank you Mandy for answering my questions and i will get back to you this week with a whole lot of reviews. 

Hugs and Wishes

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Fellow Bloggers #2

Now if you want me to answer the questions or talk to me just tell me down below on the comments and I will get back to you.

Okay so I have asked a few bloggers to answer a few questions for me for my new feature: Fellow Bloggers, where I will talk to bloggers from around the world.

This week its Anastasia, Persephone and Demitra with their blog Characterized and they are from America
1. when did you start blogging?and why?
A,P&D: we officially started blogging in the middle of our sophomore year. so that would be......April 8th to be precise. we started blogging because we love reading, writing and sharing our thoughts with others. so we decided to incorporate all of that into our blog characterized. c:
ME: well that wasn't long after me and you guys are pretty successful well done!

2. What is your favourite part about blogging?
A,P&D: our favourite part about blogging is responding to comments from our followers and getting to know them, their blogs and their book interests. in shorter terms, the community of other bloggers we are surrounded in.
ME: wow thats amazing! its so nice that we are filled with genuine bloggers.

3.What is your favourite book?
A,P&D: hmm... this question is the hardest. we still love Raine Thomas and all her books. the best so far has been Central ( still reading Foretold, then Defy)
ME: wow must check her books out and yes this question is always going to be the hardest.

4. what has been the best thing that happened to you because of book blogging?
A,P&D:the best thing  that has happened because of book blogging is our extra-curricular book club. we found some money in the budget and we were amazed by how many teenagers actually like to read o.O
ME: WOW! thats pretty amazing!

5.what makes your blog special ?
A,P&D: In our opinion, our blog is special in that not only do we read books, and encourage others to, but we're just 3 teenagers who love to socialize, and talk about things that our wrong with our society. We like to express ourselves, and think that others shouldn't be afraid to express their opinions, either. We try to incorporate that into our blog (: Or at least we will ... once all our finals are done :D (10 more days ^-^)
ME: good luck with finals and i think everyone just wants to socialize!

6. what is the main idea/concept for your blog?
A,P&D:  The main concept of our blog is to review, and discuss books that we loved, hated, and anything else that falls in-between. We thought of the name Characterized, because of the fact that everyone is different, and has something that is special about them. We think that everyone should embrace their differences, and similarities, as well as their much-valued opinions, which we are currently trying to encourage on our blog.
ME: thats a good memo and i like it i think you should keep and use it for a quote of the day!

well  thats all form me for now ttfn!
Hugs and Wishes 

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Dear Bully

Right now you all might have heard of this book before but this book is incredibly special to me, because it hit the cause of my life right to the tee.So Dear Bully is written by 70 authors all going through tragic cases of bullying some were written in poems, others in comics and others just straight off the pages as diaries or stories about it. Now every single one hit home because it was a nice feeling to have knowing someone out there has your back and has similar stories to you. But the thing I kept thinking about was what about the bullies, what about the people on the sidelines. We never really hear a story from their point of view. We only really hear the victims which is a bit one sided sometimes. Anyways some of the best stories were
Memory Videos  by  Nancy Garden
Bullies for me by Mo Williams
Kicking Stones at the Sun by Jo Knowles
Slivers of Purple Construction Paper by Cyn Balog
 My favourite had to be the one by Cyn Balog and Mo Williams. They had such detail and originality going to such states to hide no secrets. Mo Williams definitely thought about how to construct and present this story across. Where Cyn Balog showed the depth of how a kid felt and went through life with just a few little words. But other than Cyn really showed how a kid  could feel so bullied by one word.

So I think everyone should pick up this book so I'm giving it 4 Gold Stars

Hugs and Wishes 

Monday, 4 June 2012

Fellow Bloggers #1

Okay so I have asked a few bloggers to answer a few questions for me, they were suppose to be for F&F 100th anniversary but as previously told you I am not doing it, Sorry.  So I have decided to make a new feature called Fellow Bloggers, where I will talk to bloggers from around the world. Now if you want me to answer the questions or talk to me just tell me down below on the comments and I will get back to you.

So this week its Dominika from (Read, Watch, Listen) from Poland.

1. When Did You Start Blogging? Why?
Dominika: I think I started blogging in march, but I'm not sure. that's not long, I know! I don't really know why I started. I just wanted to share my thoughts on the books I have read!
ME: Same, but my friends stop listening to me.
2. What is your Favourite part of Blogging?
Dominika:  Getting to meet new bloggers and authors, especially Indie authors! I love them!
ME: I would love to meet  some Indie authors
3.What is your Favourite Book?
Dominika: Its like asking, " what's your favourite song?". If I had only read three books in my entire life time, I think I could answer. Now its just impossible! But the book that I always have in my head is Fight Club By Chuck Palahniuk. Palaniuk is perfect!
ME: That's sort of right. iwill have to check out Chuck Palahniuk
4.What has been the best thing that happened to you because of book blogging?
Dominika: Getting ARC books to review. I am always very excited to read a book before it is published.
ME: LUCKY!!!! Ihaven't had any ARC books yet, but i am hoping to get some.
5. What makes your blog special?
 Dominika: I don't know if anything makes my blog special maybe because I make a lot of mistakes. English is my second language.
ME: Well done with the English! I don't think you make lots of mistakes but if you do I don't notice.
6. What is the main idea or concept of your blog?
Dominika:Being honest . Helping other bloggers. Helping Indie/ Small Time Authors. Spreading my love for reading.
ME: Being honest is always important and its good that you like to help.

So that's all today...
Hugs and Wishes

Friday, 1 June 2012

feature and follow #99

so its Friday today. its the weekend and i'm feeling kind of lonely and weird. but its Feature and Follow which is hosted by... Parajunkee and Alison can Read. Oh and next week its F&F's 100th anniversary. i am really sorry but i will not be participating in The 100th hop, even though i said i will. :( i had no prize or giveaway to give you guys. i love my books too much and they are mostly brand new.
so the question is
Q. to hook up your two favourite characters from two different books as the perfect couple and why?
A. Four......Patch....Four.......Adam.....Patch......Four......hmmm...........SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!!!!!! all these guys are too hot to disregard and for the girl um i wonder.......Eve.....Clary.....Eve......Cammie......Juliette. no i pick reed from private by Kate Brian aka Kieran Scott. now  oh god dammit i can't pick. so i will leave the pick up to you and maybe post about it next week.
so the options are
A) Four and Reed
B) Adam and Reed
C) Patch and Reed.

*please note that Four comes from divergent, Patch from hush hush and Adam from shatter me*

Hugs and Wishes 

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