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Claire Lazebnik Interview

okay so as promised here is claire's interview for my prototype magazine oh and heres the cover!!! cool isn't it i really hope the school board likes it because otherwise that was 2 hours of nothing down the drain!

Claire Labzenik interview
whats the best thing about writing the novel?

FINISHING!  It's a marathon writing any novel--months and months of work, mostly rewriting. And even when you think you're done, you still have to read through the copy edits and then the galley pages--and that's when you catch all the awkward mistakes you didn't catch earlier! So it's amazing to hold the finished novel in your hands and think, "I don't ever have to work on this again."

when do you think right its time to finish this novel so that you make us hang on to the next book? 

I've never written a sequel, so all of my novels stand on their own. Basically I have a story arc in my head when I start--the protagonist has to go through certain things and make certain discoveries before her journey's over--and once I reach that point, I just look for a happy moment to end on.

what got you started in writing?

I always wanted to be a writer. Always. I read constantly when I was a kid: it was my number one favorite thing to do and if you were looking for me, you could always find me curled up in the warmest spot in the house (our house was always freezing) with a book. And probably some kind of food. Anyway, I was never good at anything other than reading and writing so I knew I'd either have to go into teaching English or writing books myself, and my one attempt to teach made me realize I'm too self-conscious to do that well, so I just kept writing and writing, hoping one day to get published. I was lucky in that I was able to sell some pieces to magazines way before I got a book published.

as a bestselling author what is your biggest fear in writing?

I have lots of fears. That my books won't sell.  That people will say mean things about them. That they'll be out of date by the time they come out.  But my all time biggest fear is that a day will come when I just can't get a book deal anymore. I'd be very sad not to be able to keep putting my books out there.

what is the most motivational quote/ word you can give to other young authors?

Write what you'd like to read. Your story takes on a life of its own when you start feeling like you can't wait to find out what happens next. Let yourself be the audience you want and take pleasure in the process, without worrying about the future.

Finally, What has been the best experience you have had because of your book?

Hearing from fans. I've had some emails that have brought me to tears. One woman who was suffering from depression said that the first book she was able to get through after a very tough time was one of my novels. Another woman who was a single mother said that my novel made her feel like someone really understood her daily life.  I co-wrote a book on autism and have had people from all over the world let me know that it's made a difference in their lives. And I've had such an outpouring of enthusiasm from fans of EPIC FAIL--pretty much every day someone writes to let me know how much she or he enjoyed it.  These letters and emails are an unending source of joy.

well thats all today have a fantastic week watch out for Kristen Cashores trilogy popping up for review soon!

Hugs and Wishes 

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