Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Epic Fail Review

i was influenced to read epic fail by one of my friends that normally doesnt read these sorts of books but i must say she picks amazingly because this is one of the funniest ya romance stories you are going to find. i commend claire lazebnik for writing epic fail is romantic comedy based in LA as per usual and is found to be inspired by Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice.

so Elise moves to la because her mother gets a new job as principal at this private school that Elise is going to be attending with her older sister Juliana. Elise and Juliana have never left each others sides and nows not going to be the time with girl like Chelsea Baldwin schools head bitch and mischief maker. but juliana almost instantly falls for her brother Chase which is a charming funny guy that knows how to make discipline. so while Elise hangs out with Juliana and tries to interact with Chase she ends up staring at Chase's best friend Derek  which coincidentally is the high school prince and must gaze over guy for every girl in the school. s when Derek starts to take an interest in Elise ( which Elise thinks is forced through Juliana and Chase) every girl is glaring at her but Chelsea decides to make trouble for her and her family. so its a fantastic cheesy romantic comedy that is really enjoyable plus all the drama that you expect would normally happen at a private school with the daughter of the principle.

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