Sunday, 27 May 2012


So what starts off being terrifying dreams becomes a romantic war story about immortals. Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton I think is a bit of a rip off Fallen by Lauren Kate but the second book kinda sounds like its heading down the wrong path so I might keep reading. as I said earlier it was like Fallen. Ellie was a reincarnation of a female war hero who fought demons but this time instead of killing her they are trying to steal her soul so she can never reincarnate again. The thing is she never remembers what or who she is so.... she needs what they call a protector. Enter Will. Will is an incredibly handsome guy (like Daniel) who has to protect her, not fall in love with her but that's exactly what he did and this time Ellie falls for him too. In between all of this she has to fight reapers, live a normal human life without anybody noticing she goes missing and try to kill the thing that could possibly kill her at any time or moment. While doing that means she has to stay alive. Which is the most difficult challenge of all. take it from me it is a very slow moving book with just too many details. so it probably not for all of you.

Book: Angelfire
Author: Courtney Allison Moulton
Rating: 2 SILVER stars
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Friday, 25 May 2012

Feature and follow #98

So sorry I haven't blogged this week busy being sick. So its Friday again and in 2 weeks its F&F 100th  anniversary so make sure you take a look at some of the others. Feature and Follow is all about having some and giving bloggers that are struggling getting new followers which is proudly hosted by Alison Can Read and Parajunkee.
So this weeks question is...

What would your Dream Cast be for your current book????

A) So right now I am reading the calling by Kelley Armstrong.
The Calling:
Sam: Rihanna
Daniel: Chance Crawford
Maya: Tiffany Boone
Rafe: Callan McAuliffe
Hayley: Alice Englert
Corey: Josh Hutcherson
Nicole: Zoey Deutch

So that's all for today
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Friday, 18 May 2012

Feature and Follow #97

So its Friday!TGIF! So over the past few weeks I have contributed to Feature and Follow, where you find new friends by posting every Friday. Its hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. They interview different bloggers every week and they create new question. Basically its so some of us bloggers can have some fun and get some followers

So This Weeks Question IS.........
 Summer break is upon us (in USA)! What would be your perfect vacation spot for you to catch up on your reading and relaxing????

A) Oh dear if I was to pick a perfect vacation spot it would have to be Hawaii or New Zealand because they are oh so pretty. Though I would probably not get much reading done in either places in Hawaii because I would be stand up paddle boarding and in NZ my family is there so I would be very crowded.
So lets see hmm where in the world would I go it would have to be Brazil; best place ever to relax and read at the same time. I got an assignment once saying you have $10,000 and you can go any where in the world but everything costs money, so I did the unusual and went to Brazil and OMG I almost died not actually going. It was so pretty!!!

So whats your favourite vacation??

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Sunday, 13 May 2012


Okay so I had heard through a few friends and bloggers that I should try this book and OMG it is one those best death/ coming back to life books I have ever read!!!!Megan Miranda is one the best debut authors I have read all year. Okay so the book is about how Delaney falls through the ice and dies for eleven minutes and then her heart starts beating again. But she has this strange power to know is dying. This is where you enter Troy who tries to take her away from everybody she ever loved and ends up coming across as a stalker. The only person standing between Troy and Delaney is Delaney's neighbour/ best friend Decker who tries to help her at every chance even when people thinks she is crazy. I hope I haven't given to much away. Read this Book!!
BOOK: Fracture
AUTHOR: Megan Miranda
RATING: 3 gold stars

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Friday, 11 May 2012

Feature and Follow #96

So sorry I haven't been on all week promise to do better next week.

Well it is Feature and Follow again hosted by the parajunkee and alison can read and this week the question is.....

Q. This Sunday its mothers day in the U.S and Australia and NZ. So in celebration what are some of your favourite books with strong mother/child relationships????

A. Hmmm... great question. I think Reed in Kate Brian's Private books had a great relationship with her mom.It was really strong and supportive where in I Tell You I Love You But Then I Have To Kill You by Ally Carter Cammie and her mother seemed to have a very strong negative relationship about what Cammie was and was not allowed to do. But my favourite book with a great and horrible mother daughter relationship was in Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead she really nailed some of the key points between a mother and a teenage was fabulous read.

So anyway thats my FF.Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers and us KIDS do not forget HER!

Hugs and Wishes

Friday, 4 May 2012

Feature and Follow #95

HI i have just Joined Feature and Follow hosted by Parajunkee its to help bloggers get followers and express themselves in a way. By answering questions.

This weeks question is.....

What is The one thing you wish you could tell your favourite author?

Ooh that's a hard one........

Dear Veronica Roth and Kieran Scott

I love your Books cannot stop reading them and think they are very original
I cannot wait for to read your next novels.
In Divergent I love how Four is so unique, I never heard of a guy like him. He's so cool and shy and is  absolutely the best character in the book though I know Beatrice was supposed to be the star Four was the star for me. I like how he opened up as you went along. BTW I find your books very unique.
In She's So Dead To Us and He's So Not Worth It I absolutely love how ally expresses her feelings. They sound so genuine and realistic. I love how its a midlife crisis not being part of the cool club. I also cannot wait to see how you portray Chloe getting pregnant. 

From The Biggest Fan


So yeah that's how I would put it though I would probably too lost for words too speak hope you have a great weekend

Hugs and Wishes 

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