Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Out of sight, Out of time Review

So the fifth installment of the Gallagher Girls is finally in my hands and can I say it is nothing like I expected. I was hoping for a spy report type book on Cammie's runaway, but no Ally Carter flips us on our heads thinking we are all crazy for assuming that. So yeah its not what I expected but its not a disappointment I almost want words to keep appearing on the pages so that it doesn't have to stop because I wanna find out what happens after the ending. But I have to wait another year. :(

So on with the story! Cammie is a runaway spy that doesn't remember one bit about her summer but has woken up in the Alpine surrounded by nuns. Now all she wants to do is go home, but she is not greeted with the welcome she wanted. First of all her mother (also the headmistress of the school) tells her she shouldn't and doesn't want to remember what happened this summer and just accept she is okay. Second of all her best friends try to act like nothing is going on but they all have this feeling of frustration and secrecy. Third of all, Zach is now going to the school and Cammie doesn't know whether to fall for him again or to ignore him. Finally, The Circle obviously don't need her information any more and are trying to kill her and everyone that gets in the way. So yeah Cammie's life isn't normal any more and while she tries and learns how to be a spy again she also has to discover what she did and who she saw last summer even if it is against her mothers orders. Can Cammie ever become a spy you again? what do you think??

So I really enjoyed this and the whole upside down tip and now Ally Carter is on my begging authors list and I cannot wait (literally) for her next book to come out. I would advise to all students and spy fans. I really have nothing bad to say about this book,  although it did take a long time to come out she must have been trying to make it perfect.

Hugs and Wishes


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