Thursday, 27 September 2012


So as the second. book of the starcrossed series i was immensely disappointed Josephine Angelini is a great writer but without drama there seems to be no story for her and i didn't quite get why there had to be all this chaotic and psychotic drama about whether Helen and Lucas get back together or whether she falls in love with her mothers slave Orion. i guess i wanted it to be like the first one but not all books can have that sufficient supply of greatness. i have to say this year most of the sequels created first of all need a redo on the cover i.e Rapture and Finale, and second of all have poor story lines that just want to let the readers give up and not read the book and unfortunately this one is one of them and i have to say the book felt rushed as if she had something else to do.

so the story starts off at Lucas's house explaining to Claire and Matt her supernatural powers. after that she is caught too close to Lucas and castor goes off his nut and sends Helen home then practically yells at Lucas to stay away from Helen and to force himself to hate her. whilst Lucas is being told that Helen is going back to the Underworld better known as Hell to try and complete an impossible task. but she finds Orion down there instead who tries to help her complete it since he is the only other person allowed down there. so while Helen is trying to figure out why Lucas is avoiding her she is desperately falling for Orion who she doesn't yet know is her mother slaves then some demon starts attacking her in the human world so that ares can kill her in the underworld but doesn't yet realize that Orion is the one saving her and not Lucas.

so i wont tell you the ending in case you end up liking i but i personally really disappointed i didn't hate it but it really could have been better.
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Pretty Tough Review

okay so i must admit i read playing with the boys first and loved it before i knew this was the first one but lemme tell you it doesn't matter which order you read these books in because they are emotional impact books and i know that sound like some crazy books that health teachers would make you read but these "Pretty Tough" books are influencing girls to forget about the emotional crap you have play sport and forget the guys even if it is only for one day/week like Brooks.

so this story starts off with Krista being captain of a soccer team and its her senior year and now the coach got fired and they replaced her with someone who doesn't know a thing about soccer, Martie. Krista doesn't like her and she begins to start hating her when she asks her younger sister,Charlie, and a bunch of losers from other schools to first of all go to school and then play in the team! to top that off her long time secret charming boyfriend is sick of hanging around and either want to skip a few levels or be gone. well thats Krista's side it sounds like hell doesn't it.

 Charlies side is that her sister is perfect and she has always been downgraded as the less sportier, the less prettier she just wasn't perfect in anyone's eyes except for Martie. Martie didn't ask her to be on the team she pratically forced her to be on the team and then "encouraged" other girls to play as well. although she making friends with these girls, she cant help but feel out of place especially when her older sisters on the team but lifes not all about sport and parties. Charlie is a "troublemaker" in all departments. teachers hate her, she has currently no friend ss because of a stupid rumor and has caught the eye of reporters and guys from all of California. Lifes about to get bumpy if not bumpier.

so this story is about two sisters that hate  each other but are forced to play a team sport together and work things out. it might have taken Hell Month but it looks like its getting better.

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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Claire Lazebnik Interview

okay so as promised here is claire's interview for my prototype magazine oh and heres the cover!!! cool isn't it i really hope the school board likes it because otherwise that was 2 hours of nothing down the drain!

Claire Labzenik interview
whats the best thing about writing the novel?

FINISHING!  It's a marathon writing any novel--months and months of work, mostly rewriting. And even when you think you're done, you still have to read through the copy edits and then the galley pages--and that's when you catch all the awkward mistakes you didn't catch earlier! So it's amazing to hold the finished novel in your hands and think, "I don't ever have to work on this again."

when do you think right its time to finish this novel so that you make us hang on to the next book? 

I've never written a sequel, so all of my novels stand on their own. Basically I have a story arc in my head when I start--the protagonist has to go through certain things and make certain discoveries before her journey's over--and once I reach that point, I just look for a happy moment to end on.

what got you started in writing?

I always wanted to be a writer. Always. I read constantly when I was a kid: it was my number one favorite thing to do and if you were looking for me, you could always find me curled up in the warmest spot in the house (our house was always freezing) with a book. And probably some kind of food. Anyway, I was never good at anything other than reading and writing so I knew I'd either have to go into teaching English or writing books myself, and my one attempt to teach made me realize I'm too self-conscious to do that well, so I just kept writing and writing, hoping one day to get published. I was lucky in that I was able to sell some pieces to magazines way before I got a book published.

as a bestselling author what is your biggest fear in writing?

I have lots of fears. That my books won't sell.  That people will say mean things about them. That they'll be out of date by the time they come out.  But my all time biggest fear is that a day will come when I just can't get a book deal anymore. I'd be very sad not to be able to keep putting my books out there.

what is the most motivational quote/ word you can give to other young authors?

Write what you'd like to read. Your story takes on a life of its own when you start feeling like you can't wait to find out what happens next. Let yourself be the audience you want and take pleasure in the process, without worrying about the future.

Finally, What has been the best experience you have had because of your book?

Hearing from fans. I've had some emails that have brought me to tears. One woman who was suffering from depression said that the first book she was able to get through after a very tough time was one of my novels. Another woman who was a single mother said that my novel made her feel like someone really understood her daily life.  I co-wrote a book on autism and have had people from all over the world let me know that it's made a difference in their lives. And I've had such an outpouring of enthusiasm from fans of EPIC FAIL--pretty much every day someone writes to let me know how much she or he enjoyed it.  These letters and emails are an unending source of joy.

well thats all today have a fantastic week watch out for Kristen Cashores trilogy popping up for review soon!

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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Wendy Higgins Interview!!!

Okay so my school asked me to redo the schools reading and writing  magazine. so i went to three authors i have recently read. YOU WILL FIND THE REVIEWS IN THE REVIEW TAB!!! so the three authors were Wendy Higgins, Claire Labzenik and Megan Miranda and Wendy and Claire got back to me almost instantly which is so nice!!! so i asked if i could put their interviews on my blog and they both said yes so i will do Wendy's today and Claire's tomorrow i promise!!!!!

so here it is

 ME:What's the best thing about writing the novel?

Wendy: There are so many wonderful aspects, but my favorite is talking about the book with fans. :)

ME: When do you think right it's time to finish this novel so that you make us hang on to the next book? 

Wendy: Hm, do you mean how do I decide how to end a book?  I think there needs to be some sort of closure, but still be open enough to make people want to read the next one. It's a very delicate decision. I rewrote the ending several times!

ME: What got you started in writing?

Wendy: I think it was just a natural thing. I always loved stories, whether I was reading them or writing them. I started writing stories as soon as I learned to write.

ME: As a bestselling author what is your biggest fear in writing?

Wendy: Actually, I'm not a bestselling author, but I like your thinking, LOL!  My biggest fear is that people won't like it (which, of course, is inevitable   because not everyone will ever like the same thing), but I also worry that people will think I have an ulterior motive in my stories, which I  don't.

ME: What is the most motivational quote/ word you can give to other young authors?

Wendy: Once it's published, don't read the reviews. Just interact with the people who contact you. Concentrate on the positive.

ME: Finally, What has been the best experience you have had because of your book?

Wendy: When people email me to say that my book touched their heart and inspired them, that makes me cry. I feel so honored.

okay so thats it for now be back tomorrow and i will hopefully get to interview more authors as i start to finish and complete this school year!!!

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Friday, 14 September 2012

Feature and Follow Friday #1 (i figure i'd start again since i have been gone for a while)

Okay so its Friday again and I have nearly 10 books I have to review for you guys but hey holidays is coming up so there probably be one everyday. So Feature and Follow Friday is a meme hosted by parajunkee and alison can read and there is a featured blogger on their blogs each week and a question which you answer, then you post your link down the bottom and you skip through others and follow them you need to tell that you are a new follower too! So this weeks Question is.........

What Hyped up book do you think was not worth all the talk??

hmm..... well let me think...... OOH I KNOW!!! twilight!! now I know there are a lot of you going what but it was written by a forty something year old woman and sounded like it too. It didn't sound like a 16 year old at all and then the movies are a drag but then  the story line confusing and boring it was a drag that went on yeah that's my feature and follow this week whats yours????

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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Scorpio Races

So this amazing author has just written yet another amazing book and their doesn't sound to be a sequel. May I JUST SAY TO MAGGIE STIEFVATER NONONONONONO! The Scorpio Races was a beautifully written story that I encourage everyone to read. This time Maggie has not written about wolves but about Capielle Uisce (underwater flesh eating horses). So on this island away from the mainland of America, they have these Capielle Uisce come to visit at the start of September each year. So the men of this island got a little bit big-headed and decided to race them against land owned horses. But this year Puck Connolly (aka Kate Connolly) is going to be the first girl to ride in the scorpio races; which the men of the town think is completely ridiculous. Pucks intentions for this race is to convince her older brother of not leaving for the mainland and leaving her and her little brother behind to fend for themselves with no money. However she ends up meeting Sean (four time Champion) almost half dead and ends up having him train her up until the deadline with him and his Capielle Uisce. One things turns to another and Sean and Puck develop secret feelings for each other then some drastic things start to happen just before the race and can I tell you I cried. It was heart breaking. It murdered me. Which kind of means its a good book. A really good book as I do not usually cry in books or movies. So well done Maggie Stiefvater.

OK number 1 thing you do after reading this: GET THE BOOK whether its from a library or the nearby bookstore GET IT!!!!!
No#2 thing to do: read and DO NOT stop reading
No#3 thing to do : show some emotion then come back and tell me i was right.(Joking!!)

Hugs and Wishes

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Epic Fail Review

i was influenced to read epic fail by one of my friends that normally doesnt read these sorts of books but i must say she picks amazingly because this is one of the funniest ya romance stories you are going to find. i commend claire lazebnik for writing epic fail is romantic comedy based in LA as per usual and is found to be inspired by Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice.

so Elise moves to la because her mother gets a new job as principal at this private school that Elise is going to be attending with her older sister Juliana. Elise and Juliana have never left each others sides and nows not going to be the time with girl like Chelsea Baldwin schools head bitch and mischief maker. but juliana almost instantly falls for her brother Chase which is a charming funny guy that knows how to make discipline. so while Elise hangs out with Juliana and tries to interact with Chase she ends up staring at Chase's best friend Derek  which coincidentally is the high school prince and must gaze over guy for every girl in the school. s when Derek starts to take an interest in Elise ( which Elise thinks is forced through Juliana and Chase) every girl is glaring at her but Chelsea decides to make trouble for her and her family. so its a fantastic cheesy romantic comedy that is really enjoyable plus all the drama that you expect would normally happen at a private school with the daughter of the principle.

Hugs and Wishes

Perception review

perception is the second book to clarity and although i really enjoyed the last one almost a year ago this one was quite disturbing. i enjoyed the book and its characters though i just didn't get a real feel for the story line and when i finally got it. it was messy and disastrous. i like Kim Harrington writing just this particular story didn't really taste my appeal. so perception is about clarity being just friends with two guys a girl dying just before school starts and clarity becoming friends with a mopey goth girl and her brother having traumatic experiences. so in the last book she pissed off a girl named Tiffany through proving her brother was innocent of a crime by proving she psychic and now the whole ton believes her shes got 2 wannabe friends and her ex boy friend and the new guy who helped her in the last book both chasing her to be her boy friend. so clarity and the rest of her school had just started school again and then this home-schooled new student goes ups and leaves and her body is later found in a dumpster and with a successful try at murdering. so this puts off clarity's must save the world trigger but what she doesn't relize is that she is the next victim. the killer starts to send her notes and flower and pictures of things he will do if she just becomes his girlfriend. but clarity wont take that. so he tries to get even and that's when it gets disturbing so i wont tell you. but i wouldn't really recommend this book to very many people.

Hugs and Wishes 

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