Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Wendy Higgins Interview!!!

Okay so my school asked me to redo the schools reading and writing  magazine. so i went to three authors i have recently read. YOU WILL FIND THE REVIEWS IN THE REVIEW TAB!!! so the three authors were Wendy Higgins, Claire Labzenik and Megan Miranda and Wendy and Claire got back to me almost instantly which is so nice!!! so i asked if i could put their interviews on my blog and they both said yes so i will do Wendy's today and Claire's tomorrow i promise!!!!!

so here it is

 ME:What's the best thing about writing the novel?

Wendy: There are so many wonderful aspects, but my favorite is talking about the book with fans. :)

ME: When do you think right it's time to finish this novel so that you make us hang on to the next book? 

Wendy: Hm, do you mean how do I decide how to end a book?  I think there needs to be some sort of closure, but still be open enough to make people want to read the next one. It's a very delicate decision. I rewrote the ending several times!

ME: What got you started in writing?

Wendy: I think it was just a natural thing. I always loved stories, whether I was reading them or writing them. I started writing stories as soon as I learned to write.

ME: As a bestselling author what is your biggest fear in writing?

Wendy: Actually, I'm not a bestselling author, but I like your thinking, LOL!  My biggest fear is that people won't like it (which, of course, is inevitable   because not everyone will ever like the same thing), but I also worry that people will think I have an ulterior motive in my stories, which I  don't.

ME: What is the most motivational quote/ word you can give to other young authors?

Wendy: Once it's published, don't read the reviews. Just interact with the people who contact you. Concentrate on the positive.

ME: Finally, What has been the best experience you have had because of your book?

Wendy: When people email me to say that my book touched their heart and inspired them, that makes me cry. I feel so honored.

okay so thats it for now be back tomorrow and i will hopefully get to interview more authors as i start to finish and complete this school year!!!

Hugs and Wishes 

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