Friday, 27 April 2012

The Declaration by Gemma Malley

The Declaration was supposed to be a school novel study but they changed it to The Camel Rider and I had already gotten it out early ( being a goody two shoes ......for once) and the librarians had told me it was similar to The Hunger Games so I decided to read it and..............OMG it was so good though I found it more like Eve by Anna Carey rather than The Hunger Games. Its all about being legal and if you are not legal you are a surplus. So Anna is a dedicated surplus doing everything she's asked of. Up until Peter (charming guy) convinces her that her parents love her and didn't mean to make her a surplus. So it then becomes all about the runaway and there a quite a few stories connected to it and eventually something terrible happens (as it does) and Peter and Anna are made legal. And they all live happily ever after or so I think I might have to read the sequel.

Hugs and Wishes 

Monday, 23 April 2012

The Sunshine Award

The Sunshine Award, is an award that helps to spotlight new YA -- or any blogs. (Most, that have under 1,000 followers.)
 Wow thanks so much to The Demitra, Persephone and Anastasia  from Characterized and Natasha from My Soul Belongs To A Book. that was so nice of you guys and if you haven't clicked the link already I am daring you too. So yeah I got nominated twice in one day for this award and now I have to pass it on. 
But first there are a few question I have to answer.
1. Favourite Color?
Burnt Orange or Lime Green because they are so unacknowledged 
2. Favourite animal?
Kittens, and Kiwis. But this question is hard!!!
3.Favourite number?
39 because 3 and 9 make 39 right?
4. Favourite (non-alcoholic) drink?
A Slurpee
5. Facebook or Twitter?
Neither because both sound like things used for immature acts (sorry to people who use them constructively) 
6.My passions?
Playing netball, coaching netball, singing, dancing, listening to music, family, friends, umpiring netball, writing, reading, blogging, cooking, getting into a good high school and travelling.
7. Getting or giving presents?
Giving because it always more fun (plus I hate my birthday)
8.Favourite pattern?
Polka dots or horizontal stripes
9. Favourite day/s of the week?
Monday because I catch up with friends
Saturday because I play/ umpire/coach netball
and Wednesday because that's when I have time to blog!
10. Favourite Flower?
Lavender or tulips I can never decide.

So before I  pass the award on
"If you are mentioned, don't forget to thank the person that nominated you for the award on your blog, answer the ten questions, choose ten other recipients to pass the award onto."
so i absolutely love these blogs they're so happy and bubbly. you can never get enough of them.
so along we go:
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8.The Booklife
9. Jamie and Patricia from Two Chicks On Books
10. Angelique from just heard, just  read, just seen

Thanks again girls!

Hugs and Wishes 

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Anna and the French Kiss

Now please don't turn this book away just by the title. Yes its a YA romance novel but it is a very funny romance novel if you get what I mean. Anna and the French Kiss was written by debut author Stephanie Perkins.
Anna was forced to go to SOAP ( School of America in Paris) when her father wanted a better education for her and there she meets the lovely Ettienne St. Clair who seems to be everybody's dream boy including Anna's. But he's taken by a college girl. Until he meets Anna and then they start the long bumpy road through hell to get to heaven as boarding schools, Paris and abusive fathers get in the way. My heart melted, laughed and cried in this book it was written with such feeling and it was so modern yet it could have been written years ago. I loved reading it and I hope you pick it up too.

Hugs and Wishes

Friday, 13 April 2012

The Fine Art of Truth or Dare

I'm absolutely falling in love with this author at the moment. The Fine Art of Truth or Dare is written by Melissa Jensen and she writes some of the best romance comedies I have read. Her latest one blew my mind. The Fine Art of Truth or Dare is a classic high school fairy tale about who wants a guy but can't quite seem to get him and then another guy pops into her mind. But the reason why she can't get this guy in the first is because he's dead. But she's not quite sure about the second guy either because he's mister popular and her friends hate him. So its all just a game of Truth or Dare. Truth: She's fallen madly in love. Dare: To say yes to go to the dance. Truth: He's the most popular guy in school he's never going to look her way, or is he???? With old art, french classes and stroppy girlfriends/ friends life can get a bit miserable along the way for this Italian girl.
Before or after you read this one read her other one Falling in Love with English Boys. Melissa Jensen has great sense of character. Read Read Read!

Hugs and Wishes

Sunday, 8 April 2012


So Happy Easter and hope you are having fun and enjoying yourselves.
So anyway I have been doing a bit of reading and I have just finished Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer yes I am a bit late but I was broke and kinda had to wait for it from my library. Wolfsbane was really well written not like oh yeah it was a must read could not put it down book, I mean it you could not skip a single word of the story . It was exciting, terrifying and desperate though I really wanted to get to know Lydia more. So the story line is Calla and Shay have run away hoping to break the curse but its not over. When they reach the Searchers they have to learn how to fight to rescue the rest of the pack and endure some saddening deaths. Family turn on family as the lies unravel, as the leader takes over, as there becomes no more freedom.  So let me tell you about the Searchers there's not many of them and there are many different types of them. One of them is Ariadne and she's a Weaver she was my favourite character out of all the characters in this book because she has this arrogant attitude that shows courage, bravery, confidence and selflessness.  This story takes on a new way of dystopia. where the wolves have turn the world into an apocalypse  and it just gets better.
Hope you enjoy/enjoyed reading this because I sure did

Hugs and Wishes

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Spellbound: You Really Will Be!

Have you read the hex hall series? IF you haven't look out! Jks!!!Well this one is third of the series and it looks like its going to continue. This series is brought to you by Rachel Hawkins. Rachel has already written Hex Hall and Demonglass/ Raising Demons.Now she brings us Spellbound. This one shows us her mothers side of the family which just happens to be the Brannicks. This puts us deeper into our hole until Sophie gets dragged back to Hex Hall with a flash of a golden light, where she finds out the headmistresses evil plans. With Archer, Cal and Jen back at her side they plan to attack at full force. But first they need a plan. Read this exciting tale today from your local bookstore, library or app.

Hugs and Wishes
Candi <3

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