Thursday, 27 September 2012


So as the second. book of the starcrossed series i was immensely disappointed Josephine Angelini is a great writer but without drama there seems to be no story for her and i didn't quite get why there had to be all this chaotic and psychotic drama about whether Helen and Lucas get back together or whether she falls in love with her mothers slave Orion. i guess i wanted it to be like the first one but not all books can have that sufficient supply of greatness. i have to say this year most of the sequels created first of all need a redo on the cover i.e Rapture and Finale, and second of all have poor story lines that just want to let the readers give up and not read the book and unfortunately this one is one of them and i have to say the book felt rushed as if she had something else to do.

so the story starts off at Lucas's house explaining to Claire and Matt her supernatural powers. after that she is caught too close to Lucas and castor goes off his nut and sends Helen home then practically yells at Lucas to stay away from Helen and to force himself to hate her. whilst Lucas is being told that Helen is going back to the Underworld better known as Hell to try and complete an impossible task. but she finds Orion down there instead who tries to help her complete it since he is the only other person allowed down there. so while Helen is trying to figure out why Lucas is avoiding her she is desperately falling for Orion who she doesn't yet know is her mother slaves then some demon starts attacking her in the human world so that ares can kill her in the underworld but doesn't yet realize that Orion is the one saving her and not Lucas.

so i wont tell you the ending in case you end up liking i but i personally really disappointed i didn't hate it but it really could have been better.
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