Sunday, 3 March 2013

Cover Reveal: Isla and the Happily Ever After

Hey guys so i was surfing the web and blogs and lately Stephanie Perkins has released her new cover for Isla and The Happily Ever After. Unfortunately she has changed the whole scene of them and if you want my honest opinion i hate them. they are quite bland and unattractive i liked her other beautiful covers but here is the new cover above and click here to see the new versions of the old ones. Please do tell me what you think. Do you think stephanie perkins should have changed them or stuck to her old ones?

Hugs and Wishes 


  1. I guess I don't get hung up on these kinds of things, but I understand why others do. I think I like the new covers better, b/c I prefer the simplicity. Incidentally, I went to see Stephanie and Maureen Johnson at a book signing event this past Friday, right after this blew up on Twitter. She mentioned the controversy VERY briefly and just kind of shrugged it off.

    Stephanie (Go Flash Go) @ Read, Rinse, Repeat

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