Thursday, 29 November 2012

Half Blood

okay so i'm having a hard time keeping up since my order from book depository came in and i got adobe ereader so i now have about 20 reviews but i will try and keep up with them all. anyways one of the books i have just been reading and still flabbergasted that it was that good was Half-Blood by Jennifer L Armentrout.
Jennifer at the moment is writing two series and i hope to read this series and the other one very soon.
Half Blood is all about the kin named Hematoi which is another way of saying descendants of the gods and goddesses. now Alex went to the convenant that had hematoi and half blood (the not so fortunate of this kin). alex is a half blood but three years ago her mother whisked her away from the convenant in the dusk of night praying that she was protecting alex. Alex and her mother moved around a lot and learnt to blend in with the humans. but it was never going to be paradise for Alex and her mother one night, Daimons found her  and her mother. Alex fought but in the  end the Daimons drained her mother and so she was sent back to her uncle and step father wishing she was never there because she always thought that they never cared. Her uncle was going to send her to be a servant in her step fathers home up until her rescuer Aiden says he can train her up to the standards of the others. after that it all takes off. The first thing she does is pull the hair of her old arch nemesis Lea. after that it really is all drama. she meets the apollyon, she finds out her mother is a daimon and if i told you the rest you wouldn't read it so get out there and find it.

Half blood was full of originality, humor, magic, love and adventure everything some one could want in a book

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