Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Endless No#4 o the Violet Eden Chapters

LOVE WILL KILL US ALL. that is the first line of the blurb but do you know what Jessica Shirvington isn't wrong about what her book might do. Love will kill us all if our hearts keep breaking. Endless is the 4th book of the Violet Eden chapter and i was hoping it would be the last and Violet and Lincoln would live happily ever after just like fairy tale angels but my predictions don't go very far when it comes to sequels of books. saying this though i am heart broken in a good way that i desperately want the second one. honestly if you are reading this some of you have to agree with me on some occasions that authors need a speed writer which is something they want the book to turn out like and that way books would come out quicker. although they might not be as good.
anyways Endless picks up from Emblaze when violets mother reappears at her house not a day old and then knocks Violet's dad out. so as we continue Eden and Lincoln go to New York back to the academy where Zoe and Spence come from to have violet get officially realized as a Grigori  along the way violet experiences a new profound feeling called jealousy as her father starts to let her mother back in. so when violet is denied of true Grigori powers and then phoenix turns up, everything sort of looks like custard to her and she cant see the bright side of things. but the real reason she went to New York was to defeat Lilith once and for all but will she be able to do it as well as save all the future Grigori angels who are still children without exposing anything well you will just have to wait and see.

Remember start at the beginning so you fall in love and join the heartbreak train or maybe you are already on it!

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