Sunday, 24 June 2012

liebster blog award

okay so i have just been nominated for my second blog award by Alicia from Book A World, Katie from Curse of the Bibliophe (which i'm sorry but cant access) and Inky from Book Haven and Cierra from the book lovers report. and the blog award is...... Liebster Blog Award which is German for sweet, kind and all sorts of other stuff.
The Rules:
1. Each person must tell others 11 facts about themselves
2. Answer the 11 questions your tagger/s have posted then post 11 question for the people you tag.
3. Choose 11 people to tag and link them in you post
4. Notify the 11 people you tagged
5. NO TAG BACKS (damn i was hoping to at least get one of you back....)

so my eleven facts are:

1. i have 4 best friends that all enjoy reading the same way i do
2. i live in Australia
3. i really really hate my birthday ( which is in June)
4. ^because i don't like to draw attention at all
5. i am a goody two shoes just waiting to explode
6. i am a really good cook
7. i have read exactly 692 books in the last two years (to date)
8. i treasure everything that is given to me
9. i right now have just finished 6 SELP exams and have another 3 to go in the next coming term
10. this is my very first successful blog
11. this is really hard!!!!!!

the questions i have been given (which there are quite a few): blogging experience?
probably meeting all the cool bloggers out there and getting awards.
2. what inspired me to start a book  blog?
 i wouldn't say inspired but my friends and family got sick of listening to me.
3. how long have i been blogging?
since august last year but my computer crashed and lost the blog so this blog has been running since january or february
4. favourite book discovery?
She's so dead to us, divergent and born at midnight.
5. favourite dessert?
homemade ice cream
6. most anticipated read of 2012?
7. best book quote?
umm..... not sure. my favourite quote though is there is a triangle in everything.
8. do you have anything specific you blog about?
books. bloggers ( looking for some if interested). yeah thats about it at the moment
9. best fictional crush?
best?? umm there are too many just to be one the top ones would be patch (hush hush), four (divergent), adam (shatter me), aspen and prince maxim (the selection)
10.  what are you currently reading?
Fury by Elizabeth Miles
11. what are you planning to read next?
Truth by Julia Karr and Goddess Interrupted by Aimee Carter
12. what genre do i blog about?
13. where am i from?
14. do i have any ARCs at the moment? if so what?
no unfortunately not but i would really like some. all the people out there that get them are so lucky.
15. who is your favourite author of all time
i actually dont have one because i switch from time to time
16. do you read main stream or indie authors?
main stream normally would love to read indie authors but i also read things on figment a writing community made for authors
17. do you give your read books away, run contest with them or keep them?
most of them come from the library so i treasure the ones i buy
18. how many books are in your tbr pile?
umm.. there is exactly 33 at the moment ( in the house, there might be more around)
19. what is your favourite food?
look above to question 5
20. whats your favourite book?
THATS A HARD QUESTION! today its the selection by kiera cass
21. where would you go if you could go anywhere today?
hawaii, japan, new zealand, america, london, jamaica. just to name a few i have a whole lot more
22. favourite colour?
burnt orange and lime green
23. if i could talk to anyone who would it be?
umm... probably some inspiring author who could give me tips on writing. many books am i currently reading?
4. some of them will be reviewed
25. what made you want to blog about books?
i have a passion for reading and i stumbled across blogger just when my friend and family were getting fed up.

the 11 blogs i tag are:
the romance bookie
read watch listen
this kiwi girl reads
book geeks rule
the passionate bookworm
the fairytale nerd
this girl reads
head stuck in a book 
a match made in YA  fiction
books ahoy!

and my eleven questions are:

what is your favourite piece of clothing?
what do you utmost hate?
what can you not live without?
who would be your fantasy boyfriend if you could have one?
who are you most like from a book/ series?
what book/ stories do you think should have a different ending and Why?
name a song that would compliment the book you are reading right now?
what shouldn't have a series or second novel in your opinion?
what do you plan to do or have done with your life?
what book should never be or been turned into a movie?
what book have you read that you think has been made into a successful movie?

okay thats all for now. coming soon with Charmfall and The Selection reviews. oh and please dont give me another one of these liebster awards because they are super hard

Hugs and Wishes 


  1. Thank you for the Award! I actually got this same one a couple of months ago! :)

  2. Thanks you (: ! We really appreciate the nomination.


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