Thursday, 7 June 2012

Dear Bully

Right now you all might have heard of this book before but this book is incredibly special to me, because it hit the cause of my life right to the tee.So Dear Bully is written by 70 authors all going through tragic cases of bullying some were written in poems, others in comics and others just straight off the pages as diaries or stories about it. Now every single one hit home because it was a nice feeling to have knowing someone out there has your back and has similar stories to you. But the thing I kept thinking about was what about the bullies, what about the people on the sidelines. We never really hear a story from their point of view. We only really hear the victims which is a bit one sided sometimes. Anyways some of the best stories were
Memory Videos  by  Nancy Garden
Bullies for me by Mo Williams
Kicking Stones at the Sun by Jo Knowles
Slivers of Purple Construction Paper by Cyn Balog
 My favourite had to be the one by Cyn Balog and Mo Williams. They had such detail and originality going to such states to hide no secrets. Mo Williams definitely thought about how to construct and present this story across. Where Cyn Balog showed the depth of how a kid felt and went through life with just a few little words. But other than Cyn really showed how a kid  could feel so bullied by one word.

So I think everyone should pick up this book so I'm giving it 4 Gold Stars

Hugs and Wishes 

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. Certainly an important subject area that needs attention and action.


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