Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Fellow Bloggers #2

Now if you want me to answer the questions or talk to me just tell me down below on the comments and I will get back to you.

Okay so I have asked a few bloggers to answer a few questions for me for my new feature: Fellow Bloggers, where I will talk to bloggers from around the world.

This week its Anastasia, Persephone and Demitra with their blog Characterized and they are from America
1. when did you start blogging?and why?
A,P&D: we officially started blogging in the middle of our sophomore year. so that would be......April 8th to be precise. we started blogging because we love reading, writing and sharing our thoughts with others. so we decided to incorporate all of that into our blog characterized. c:
ME: well that wasn't long after me and you guys are pretty successful well done!

2. What is your favourite part about blogging?
A,P&D: our favourite part about blogging is responding to comments from our followers and getting to know them, their blogs and their book interests. in shorter terms, the community of other bloggers we are surrounded in.
ME: wow thats amazing! its so nice that we are filled with genuine bloggers.

3.What is your favourite book?
A,P&D: hmm... this question is the hardest. we still love Raine Thomas and all her books. the best so far has been Central ( still reading Foretold, then Defy)
ME: wow must check her books out and yes this question is always going to be the hardest.

4. what has been the best thing that happened to you because of book blogging?
A,P&D:the best thing  that has happened because of book blogging is our extra-curricular book club. we found some money in the budget and we were amazed by how many teenagers actually like to read o.O
ME: WOW! thats pretty amazing!

5.what makes your blog special ?
A,P&D: In our opinion, our blog is special in that not only do we read books, and encourage others to, but we're just 3 teenagers who love to socialize, and talk about things that our wrong with our society. We like to express ourselves, and think that others shouldn't be afraid to express their opinions, either. We try to incorporate that into our blog (: Or at least we will ... once all our finals are done :D (10 more days ^-^)
ME: good luck with finals and i think everyone just wants to socialize!

6. what is the main idea/concept for your blog?
A,P&D:  The main concept of our blog is to review, and discuss books that we loved, hated, and anything else that falls in-between. We thought of the name Characterized, because of the fact that everyone is different, and has something that is special about them. We think that everyone should embrace their differences, and similarities, as well as their much-valued opinions, which we are currently trying to encourage on our blog.
ME: thats a good memo and i like it i think you should keep and use it for a quote of the day!

well  thats all form me for now ttfn!
Hugs and Wishes 

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