Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Selection

Okay so yes my blogger hasn't come through for the Fellow Bloggers at the moment, but......I have just read the most amazing and original debut book of 2012 (so far) its The Selection by Kiera Cass. OH MY GOD!!! It captivated me the whole entire time and I couldn't stop reading I finished in like 6 hours and now I kinda wish I hadn't read it so fast. :( Anyways it completely and utterly original in that sense of fashion like the hunger games it starts off as just a competition and then it falls into conflict and love. So..... The Selection is all about Prince Maxon needing a wife so in the future he will have a queen when he becomes king.But its all a competition millions of girls sign up wanting to be one of the 35 that get to stay at the palace until Maxon decides its time for them to leave until there is only one left. America (the main character) got forced into it not only by her mother but her secret boyfriend. But the day she signs up the boyfriend and her have a fight and it all turns to custard. So America is sick with a heartbreak, when the names finally come out and she is one of them. So now not only does she have to suffer a heart break she has to try and seduce the prince!  I cant tell you any more other wise I will spoil it but....... I can describe what the classes are for you. Okay so if you haven't read the book the characters are placed into different classes ranging from poorest to richest. The poorest are the 8's which are homeless, the richest are the 1's which are the royalty. And in between there are different jobs for different people and different ways for you to get your money and it is better for you to marry up then down, unless you are a two then you possibly only want to marry another two. I can also tell that the next book is called The Elite and it is coming out in spring 2013 (america time) so hopefully autumn/winter my time! YAY!!!!! please let it be as good!!!

Book: The Selection
Author: Kiera Cass
Rating: 5 GOLD STARS

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  1. I still have to read this book and it has got glowing reviews too.


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