Monday, 18 June 2012

Fellow Bloggers #3

okay so yes i haven't posted this week because i have had the flu but... i did manage to get someone for my segment fellow bloggers. oh and sweet evil review will be posted soon, just let me get better. so if you want to be part of this segment (which i really hope you do) all you need to do is leave a comment at the bottom of this page with your blog and email address and i will get back to you. this week the blogger is Mandy from the blog The Romance Bookie and Mandy comes from Southern California in the USA. so lets get on with the questions..

1. When did you start blogging? and Why?
Mandy:  I started blogging in December of 2010.  The idea of starting a blog actually came from a family member, because they always see me reading.  I don't go anywhere without a book (I can't even tell you how zippers on purses I have broken, because of me stuffing a book into my purse :)).  I have loved talking about the books I read since my freshmen year in high school, and since I soon realized my friends never listened to me, and family members got annoyed with me, that was pretty much when the concept of The Romance Bookie came to mind.  What I honestly never realized was just how big of a book blogging community is out there! I love it!
ME: wow i don't go anywhere without a book either actually just the other day i had SE exams and i took a book to that. my friends frowned at me. my blog started pretty much the same way yours did friends stopped listening and family got annoyed with me.
2. what is your favourite part of book blogging?
Mandy: My favorite part of blogging is probably, first being able to have a place where I can truly vent my thoughts on everything I read; and second all the amazing people I've talked to through all the fabulous book websites, such as other blogs, Goodreads, Random Buzzers, and such.  It's been truly an amazing experience so far!
ME: i agree with every statement there. if you are not a blogger you are truly missing out on an amazing experience. 
3. what is your Favourite book?
Mandy: Favorite book?? That is SOOOOOOOOO tough!! Well, if I ABSOLUTELY had to choose I would narrow it down by my favorite author (Meg Cabot) (even though there are SOOOOO many other fabulous authors that I love too!!), and then which of Meg's books I've read the most, and that would have to be the third Princess Diaries book "Princess in Love".  I've honestly gone through TWO copies of that book! A paperback, which is almost falling apart, and which I had replace with a hardcover, because it was getting really difficult to read lol.  I've read that book probably every year once since my freshmen year in high school, so 7 times, I believe. 
ME: wow thats a lot of times. and yes this question is always tough. dont be afraid!
4. what has been the best thing that has happened to you because of book blogging?
Mandy:The best things that's happened to me since starting my blog would have to be THREE things!  One: I started an event with another fellow blogger (Little Miss Drama Queen) called Meg-A Readers Blog Hop!, which is an event honoring the work of Meg Cabot.  Meg Cabot found out about the event, and actually sent me a BOX of SIGNED books (including an ARC of "Underworld"), which absolutely had me jumping up and down with joy!  Two: I don't if I would have ever thought of doing this, honestly, but before starting the blog I never thought about going to author signings.  I was always more interested in celebrities lol, but since starting my blog, I must say authors are the people I am truly interested in meeting now.  Anyway, this I've had the amazing opportunity to meet some AMAZING people: in February, I went to an event (a day long event!) where I got to sit a table over from Meg Cabot, eat lunch WITH Marissa Meyer (the author of Cinder sitting right next to me), have a long discussion with BOTH Meg and Marissa, where they answered all of my questions; PLUS got the opportunity to meet and talk to PLUS get a picture taken with all of the authors of the Breathless Panel! (Beth Revis (Across the Universe), Marie Lu (Legend), Andrea Cremer (Nightshade), Jessica Spotswood (Born Wicked), and Sara Etienne Wilson (Harbinger)), it was honestly one of the best days of my life, if NOT best!!).  And then I went to a signing in April, where I got to meet Gayle Forman (If I Stay/Where She Went), Stephanie Perkins (Anna and the French Kiss/Lola and the Boy Next Door), and Nina Lacour (Disenchantments).  Both events were such amazing opportunities, because at both I was lucky enough to actually be able to speak to all the authors! Both are truly experiences that I will never forget!
AND Three: Interviews!! Oh how amazing are they!! Because of starting The Romance Bookie, I have gotten the opportunity to interview some amazing authors! Two of my ABSOLUTE favorites in fact! This past Tuesday I got an interview with Kody Keplinger (The author of "The DUFF") and this coming July to end Meg-A Readers, I got an interview with MEG CABOT!!! Two amazing people!! :)
ME: okay thats a lot of people you lucky duck! and congratulations on the interviews i wish i was that lucky!
5. what makes your blog special?
Mandy:  Hmm...what makes my blog special...I have to be honest I really don't like this question.  I always find myself asking myself, "How do I answer this without sounding conceded??" lol.  But I guess what I love about The Romance Bookie is that I honestly put A LOT of heart into it!  I may not give a lot of details about my personal life, but a lot of me is in my site.  Other than my header, which another GREAT Blogger designed for me, and my button, I made up my entire sight all by myself.  Of course, I had some help from other fellow bloggers, who have mostly all been very kind in responding when I ask them randomly (me being a stranger!!) how they did such and such.  It's been great! :)
ME: well i certainly think you have a fantastic blog.
6. what is the main idea or concept of your blog?
Mandy:  For me The Romance Bookie is honestly just about having fun.  It's my hobby! I've seen quite some nasty people, even in the book world, and because my blog is my fun time, I definitely try to stay out of it.  I just honestly don't see the point.  I do what I feel is right on my site, and not because of something that someone else did.  
A few months ago I actually almost felt like I was losing the fun because I wasn't able to read the books I wanted to anymore!  Every book I read was scheduled in!  It was no longer fun!  It became a chore, a job I wasn't being paid for.  I took on so many books from independent self-published authors, which I do enjoy, don't get me wrong, but it turned out I wasn't able to read some of the books I paid money for, and ones I had been looking forward to for MONTHS!!
ME: yeah that's has happened to me and my blog has only been running a few months so yeah i actually returned all the books i had and started fresh it was actually quite good for me and the blog.

well that's all from me today thank you Mandy for answering my questions and i will get back to you this week with a whole lot of reviews. 

Hugs and Wishes


  1. Thanks Candi for having me! :) This was fun! :)

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