Friday, 6 July 2012

Feature and Follow Friday

okay so its Friday again and i have read so many books that i haven't kept up with blogging and i am sorry. so Feature and Follow Friday is all about having some fun getting new followers and getting to know other bloggers so that maybe you can become friends. this meme is hosted by parajunkee and alison can read. 
this weeks question was....
have you ever picked up a book from a genre you didn't like and loved it? tell us what it is and why??
A: okay that's actually quite hard because there are a lot of books that have done that to me. i guess i picked up sisterhood of the travelling pants not into all that girly, lovey dovey stuff - and more into the romantic comedies where the guy stuffs up- hoping to prove my parents wrong because they kept raving and telling me to read it so i picked it up and i guess it must have been the first line because i didn't stop reading it and i finished it 5 hours into a ten hour flight from hawaii. when i got home it was almost like i had to have the rest of the series now and i read it. my friends found me extremely weird until i made them read it aswell and now they all agree although i am the only one who has read the 5th book which i suggest you don't read unless you want yourself in tears with a broken heart, because a massive event happens in that book that not many people will like.
so i picked up a lovey dovey sistery book that i was positive i was going to hate and loved it and the rest of the series.

so what book did you pick up expecting not to like it and loved it??

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  1. I seen the movie just haven't read the books yet. Really need to add it to my list.


  2. I also have seen the movies but not read the books.

    new follower

    -Amanda P
    Paranormal Romance

  3. I just saw the movie a week ago and read books one to three. I really think I'm going to have to pick the rest up again sometime soon...
    By the way, I'm a new follower and if you want to see my FF you can find it here:

  4. See now it's good when a book can occupy you for half a 10 hour flight and it was your parents who recommended it which makes it even more awesome. My parents aren't big readers so they only contribution they made to my home library was giving me money so I could buy books but then again I bought most of my books too...hmm.

    Old Follower
    My FF Post

  5. Hopping through. I picked up Sisterhood on a whim and loved it. Such a great series.
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