Thursday, 26 July 2012

Darkness before Dawn

so obviously this was the last whats next? book. that you voted for and i have to say you are good at picking. darkness before dawn is written by J.A London who is a mother and son team of Alex and Jan. which is pretty cool considering its written mostly in a girls point of view. Dawn has just ost her parents to Rogue vampires and then she is the new delegate of the VampHu contract. which scares her, but what is even more scary is that she is starting to fall in love with the rebelious son of the head vampire victor. but something even more deadlier is ut there and the humans dont know what it is but the lord valentine does and its because of his bloodlust that it is out there. now i cant go into too much detail without spoiling it so i'm not going to but i do suggest that all of you who suggested it even the ones who didnt read it!
oh and i just want to share this check it out

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