Sunday, 15 July 2012

Every Other Day

okay so every other day sounds like some stupid oh yeah..... comment you'd say to a higher person as a teenager. but this book brought life into words. it starts off really slow and a bit confusing but it ends up being heart breaking saddening and happy. so lets put it this way i dont cry over anything but this book i was crying over. it was that good. Jennier lynn barnes has done an awesome job with her other books but i didnt get a feel for them this one turns itself complete upside down inside out and shot into another world. so every other day is about a girl called Kali who hunts abnormal and paranormal things or as she says things that go bump at night. she calls her self a hunter but she's not fully aware of what she is . Kali is indestructible every second day so she cant fight them every day. on the other days she goes to school. but since she moved schools she's met and become friends with the "school's slut" and found out the prettiest girl in school has a chupacabra on her. so she tries to bet the hero and get rid of it although it takes a toll. she ends up being connected to zeth and after that trouble finds her. in the mists of all this she creates friends and tells them what she is, she finds her mother and 'mama' again and someone dies its a great paranormal/abnormal read that practically everyone will enjoy.

BOOK: Every Other Day
AUTHOR: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
RATING: 3 Gold Stars

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