Thursday, 5 April 2012

Spellbound: You Really Will Be!

Have you read the hex hall series? IF you haven't look out! Jks!!!Well this one is third of the series and it looks like its going to continue. This series is brought to you by Rachel Hawkins. Rachel has already written Hex Hall and Demonglass/ Raising Demons.Now she brings us Spellbound. This one shows us her mothers side of the family which just happens to be the Brannicks. This puts us deeper into our hole until Sophie gets dragged back to Hex Hall with a flash of a golden light, where she finds out the headmistresses evil plans. With Archer, Cal and Jen back at her side they plan to attack at full force. But first they need a plan. Read this exciting tale today from your local bookstore, library or app.

Hugs and Wishes
Candi <3

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