Monday, 23 April 2012

The Sunshine Award

The Sunshine Award, is an award that helps to spotlight new YA -- or any blogs. (Most, that have under 1,000 followers.)
 Wow thanks so much to The Demitra, Persephone and Anastasia  from Characterized and Natasha from My Soul Belongs To A Book. that was so nice of you guys and if you haven't clicked the link already I am daring you too. So yeah I got nominated twice in one day for this award and now I have to pass it on. 
But first there are a few question I have to answer.
1. Favourite Color?
Burnt Orange or Lime Green because they are so unacknowledged 
2. Favourite animal?
Kittens, and Kiwis. But this question is hard!!!
3.Favourite number?
39 because 3 and 9 make 39 right?
4. Favourite (non-alcoholic) drink?
A Slurpee
5. Facebook or Twitter?
Neither because both sound like things used for immature acts (sorry to people who use them constructively) 
6.My passions?
Playing netball, coaching netball, singing, dancing, listening to music, family, friends, umpiring netball, writing, reading, blogging, cooking, getting into a good high school and travelling.
7. Getting or giving presents?
Giving because it always more fun (plus I hate my birthday)
8.Favourite pattern?
Polka dots or horizontal stripes
9. Favourite day/s of the week?
Monday because I catch up with friends
Saturday because I play/ umpire/coach netball
and Wednesday because that's when I have time to blog!
10. Favourite Flower?
Lavender or tulips I can never decide.

So before I  pass the award on
"If you are mentioned, don't forget to thank the person that nominated you for the award on your blog, answer the ten questions, choose ten other recipients to pass the award onto."
so i absolutely love these blogs they're so happy and bubbly. you can never get enough of them.
so along we go:
1. Disincentive from  (read, watch, listen)
2. Zhanna and WITCHA from A Match Made in YA Fiction
3. Maia from My Book Diaries
4.Lisa from Paranormal And Urban Fantasy 
5. Michelle from The Passionate Bookworm
6. Books and Beyond
7. Sarah from Head Stuck in a Book
8.The Booklife
9. Jamie and Patricia from Two Chicks On Books
10. Angelique from just heard, just  read, just seen

Thanks again girls!

Hugs and Wishes 


  1. Thank you so much *hugz* this honestly made my rainy, dreary, day that much brighter!
    <3 <3 <3
    Fran@Books and Beyond

  2. congrats on the award
    You have got a great blog here. :)

    new follower from book blogs. please check out my blog and follow it if you liked it
    Read that also

  3. I've seen this before on another blog. I think it's on Characterized ...

  4. Thanks for the award!! But, my blog is an award free site, I was getting too many awards and felt bad about not being able to do them. So once again thank you! Your blog is looking good, BTW Lisa :)


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