Friday, 13 April 2012

The Fine Art of Truth or Dare

I'm absolutely falling in love with this author at the moment. The Fine Art of Truth or Dare is written by Melissa Jensen and she writes some of the best romance comedies I have read. Her latest one blew my mind. The Fine Art of Truth or Dare is a classic high school fairy tale about who wants a guy but can't quite seem to get him and then another guy pops into her mind. But the reason why she can't get this guy in the first is because he's dead. But she's not quite sure about the second guy either because he's mister popular and her friends hate him. So its all just a game of Truth or Dare. Truth: She's fallen madly in love. Dare: To say yes to go to the dance. Truth: He's the most popular guy in school he's never going to look her way, or is he???? With old art, french classes and stroppy girlfriends/ friends life can get a bit miserable along the way for this Italian girl.
Before or after you read this one read her other one Falling in Love with English Boys. Melissa Jensen has great sense of character. Read Read Read!

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