Sunday, 8 April 2012


So Happy Easter and hope you are having fun and enjoying yourselves.
So anyway I have been doing a bit of reading and I have just finished Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer yes I am a bit late but I was broke and kinda had to wait for it from my library. Wolfsbane was really well written not like oh yeah it was a must read could not put it down book, I mean it you could not skip a single word of the story . It was exciting, terrifying and desperate though I really wanted to get to know Lydia more. So the story line is Calla and Shay have run away hoping to break the curse but its not over. When they reach the Searchers they have to learn how to fight to rescue the rest of the pack and endure some saddening deaths. Family turn on family as the lies unravel, as the leader takes over, as there becomes no more freedom.  So let me tell you about the Searchers there's not many of them and there are many different types of them. One of them is Ariadne and she's a Weaver she was my favourite character out of all the characters in this book because she has this arrogant attitude that shows courage, bravery, confidence and selflessness.  This story takes on a new way of dystopia. where the wolves have turn the world into an apocalypse  and it just gets better.
Hope you enjoy/enjoyed reading this because I sure did

Hugs and Wishes

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