Friday, 11 May 2012

Feature and Follow #96

So sorry I haven't been on all week promise to do better next week.

Well it is Feature and Follow again hosted by the parajunkee and alison can read and this week the question is.....

Q. This Sunday its mothers day in the U.S and Australia and NZ. So in celebration what are some of your favourite books with strong mother/child relationships????

A. Hmmm... great question. I think Reed in Kate Brian's Private books had a great relationship with her mom.It was really strong and supportive where in I Tell You I Love You But Then I Have To Kill You by Ally Carter Cammie and her mother seemed to have a very strong negative relationship about what Cammie was and was not allowed to do. But my favourite book with a great and horrible mother daughter relationship was in Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead she really nailed some of the key points between a mother and a teenage was fabulous read.

So anyway thats my FF.Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers and us KIDS do not forget HER!

Hugs and Wishes

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