Tuesday, 15 January 2013


now i know that i recieve ebook ARC copies so that i can promote self published and the new books coming out and i do this respectfully abiding by guidelines but the sad thing is not all of us do and its sad that that happens because i really appreciate books and i'm sure you all do too, but you see on ebay i have found some ARC books on sale. now that is a terrible thing to do and i advise you not to even think of buying it because in all honest its a rip off and its not a cheap one.

What ARCs are made for?
ARCs are made for reviewers (like me) and sellers/librarians to read a preview copy of a book that might not be completely finished. it is unedited version of the final copy. reviewers are handed to give their mind sight on wgat they liked and what they didnt and to also give insight into if the book is worth buying. authors then finish off the book just before their deadline and print out millions and millions of copies just for you and the book lovers around the world.

How Can YOU get an ARC?
 these days authors are so socially communicative to the world around them that you could easily score a unpulished verison of their new book, but it is normally just for your eyes to read it.

Why ARC are not for sale (and a rip off)?
ARC  are not for sale because as i have already stated they are unedited meaning you are selling something that clearly states its for review only and if you dont follow the rules these  days the publishers have contract to sue you and a lot of us bloggers are only teenagers/early twenties. there are also other problems like that it may have a few spelling and grammar mistakes and it could be missing paragraphs. the last statement i am going to say is you are being a pirate by doing this nobody gets credit for the book and you make a small amount of profit and for authors to keep selling they have to have people keep buying their books.

How Can You Stop This From Happening?
 As a blogger you can use that ARC book for anything as it is not real or it is but its not complete. you can also report anonymously  by pressing a flag/button that usually shows next to ads sending producers of these ads to that ad. Finally if you do receive ARC books give back by swapping them with another blogger giving them to your local library, building a fire and making smores or by giving them to charities where they will be useful for other kids and teens that are not as privileged as you.

well thats all today i hope you in future look at what book you are buying.

Hugs and Wishes Candi

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  1. Good post, but I'd leave out the part about giving them to libraries. A lot of librarians don't realize that it's illegal to circulate ARCs.


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