Sunday, 23 December 2012

A Shimmer of Angels

well i havent read a good angel book in a while now since all the sequels to stuff like Halo, Hush Hush and Fallen were pretty miserable and really bad but this angel book, A Shimmer of Angels by +Lisa M Basso shows promise and excitement to what comes forward afterwards (lets just hope it not a hill falling to the pits). I discovered this book through my ebook collection supplied by netgalley, i suggest it to all YA readers looking for a new angel thing to read., this book will be released in january 2013. Lisa M Basso enchants you into her exicting stories with just a little bit of that angel magic she has.

A Shimmer of Angels is all about Rayna, a girl who spent 3 years in a medical ward because her father thought she that she could see angels! once she's out of this clinic it only takes her three weeks until she sees another one in her classroom and she starts to think this angel s behind all the suicides at this school but whilst she is trying to prove that she gets to know him a little bit more and starts to understand how his type of angels work but there is another type of angel the fallen ones the ones that have created human emotions and have had to fall because they are evil and now under the influence of lucifer but rayna meets one that isnt what they are and happens to have fallen in  love with her mother before she died he wants to help her with the murders too and figure out why she can see angels both type of angels.but with two angels from different sides that hate each other they just cant seem to get along unless they are taking care of rayna. but as the prom comes up something big happens and rayna cant help her friends and may need some angelic help from both sides.

i loved this because it had all the new twists and turns that most top authors dont have. AMAZING!

great book hope to bring you more exicting books this christmas.

Merry Christmas!!!

Hugs and Wishes

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