Monday, 17 December 2012

Pushing the Limits

So has been very busy with ebooks not so much real paperbacks (must get back to that) but i do know this one is out already and is available to all of you. first let me tell you the first part is all action guy stuff the second part is all lovey dovey heart throbbing/breaking part and neither of them in a bad way. i loved it. i really enjoy debut author katie mcgarry's spin n the ya hit fiction.but do you know what katie's story actually relates to people out there that do/did get bullied and teased because of facial blemishes and scars all over them.
so pushing the limits is Echo's and Noah's story about each of their lives and how messed up they are but  how they each handle it very differently. Echo's story was about how her brother had died in Afghanistan  her mother was bipolar and had tried to kill her and her father and step mom pushing her to do her best to get into business school so she could continue on her dad's career, she was not allowed to take art classes and she had to go to the school counselor to talk about her problems and try and solve the blank spot in her mind. Noah's story is a little different both his parents died in a fire and he was separated from his own brothers and from there he has tried to remain the same kid he was before but since sophomore year he has been drinking pot, smoking cigarettes and working at a cheesy take away store n the mall. that is until Noah and Echo meet. Echo has never broken the rules but desperately wants to find out what in her file. Noah has never liked a girl enough to hang around but this uptight stubborn girl might just be the one to break it.

it goes up and down from there what will happen to Echo? what will happen to Noah? you know i don't give spoilers so you are just going to have to read it this time. I have to say it might sound really bad the way i am reviewing it but let me tell you i cried and i laughed and i screamed at it those are all pretty good signs this is a good book

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