Tuesday, 9 October 2012

North of Beautiful Review

North of beautiful is quite an inspirational book that i enjoyed reading as it is one of those books that every relevant character has something different about them that others pick on. Which is just like racism. this book talks about over coming normality and making a difference just by being you, which is a helpful message to quite a few teens out there.

so this book is about Terra Firma who is from behind looks perfect and even mos of her front is the same except for this one bright white stain across her face which has never been able to be removed even after months of surgery and laser clinics. so Terra came up with this escape plan to get into Williams College and never come  back to her lowly life home again but that all gets messed up when her mom insists she goes to this new laser surgery clinic that have removed stains like hers before but after the surgery she's turning into a car space for coffee with her mom and some Ute truck thing totals her car and that's how she meets Jacob. Jacob's mom, Norah, instantly takes in Terra's mom and helps her out with her self confidence which means even more time for Terra and Jacob spend together. but its not until the four of them go to china together that Jacob and Terra actually started bawling out feelings for each other. before china they were too busy looking for Geo-caches.
this is a great book written by Justina Chen Hadley which is all about maps, not literally. but it moves along the paths of different maps.

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  1. The protagonist's name is Terra Firma? Really? Did the author know what she was doing, naming the character the Latin term for "solid earth," or did she just think it was cute? *face-palm*


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